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If you are looking for relevant news updates on issues Wyomingites, such as we are, find important, check out our Better Wyoming facebook page.

Like us and meet like-minded folks from across the state while getting updated on how you are being represented by our states government!


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Welcome to Better Wyoming

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Welcome to Better Wyoming and the launch of our website.

Better Wyoming’s goal is to return our state to moderate values and make our state government more responsive and accountable to the real challenges facing our people and communities. We will work hand in hand with other organizations across the state to increase support for moderate and reasonable causes and ideas. From fighting against the gender wage gap, making sure our friends and families have access to safe work environments, and holding public officials accountable we will be there.

In the coming weeks we will be posting articles and information gathered during our upcoming legislative session starting on the 14th of January 2015. Keep your eye on our blog moving forward to have the latest important information that mainstream media lets slip through the cracks.


Chase Harmelink – Communications, Better Wyoming Education